G-Ryun 12th Study work
- Title : Crab (Individual work in Designrelay)
- 12 Week Subject : Object ( make artwork with 3d scan data )
In this project, We should make each artwork with free 3d scan data from
I decided to play with Crab scan data. 
In my artwork, I wanted to make Crab looks some cute but he pretend to be strong.
and I always want to make different mood from designdelay. It was

Even though there is no UV and Rigging, I could make two different texturing with my free Upper Select Houdini Asset for Cinema4D R19.
You can see the tutorial and download below link
Tutorial :
Free Download Links :
I made it in Cinema4d with octane render and after effects.
any comments are welcome
Music : 괴물ost - 한강찬가(B4-A3)
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