Jeff Han and the Elastic team created a stunning, reflective title sequence for Netflix's Return to Space. The documentary, from directors Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, follows Elon Musk and SpaceX engineers as they worked tirelessly to send NASA astronauts back to the International Space Station. 


Process Stills
We start off the concept as traveling through the human space race history projecting on an orrery. From Galileo publishes celestial findings, Edwin Hubble proves that there are galaxies far beyond our own, Start of the cold war, Laika - the first dog in space, Apollo, Challenger Disaster, and all the way to the Last space Shuttle launch by SpaceX.

Process Stills - Round 2
More focus on the SpaceX Shuttle and the station

Product Stills
The direction changed to focus more on the characters in the film, Elon Musk and the SpaceX engineers.

Netflix "Return To Space" GFX Reel

Our team also spent months to create in-show graphics that scientifically correct and visually stunning. How the rocket moves and separates in different pieces, It was definitely an interesting journey!

Product Stills


Creative Director: Jeff Han 
Designers: Shamus Johnson, Jean Hwang, G-ryun Kim, Carlo Sa, Lusine Arakelyan, Min Shi, Christoffer Bjerre 
Animators: G-ryun Kim, Yongsub Song, Eugene Hyun, Evan Ausmus, Evan Larimore, Savva Tsekmes 
Editors: Teddy Gersten, Jessica Ledoux, Javier Gonzalez 
Production Coordinators: HJ Kim, Angela Shin 
Producer: Michael Ross 
Deputy Head of Production: Zach Wakefield 
Executive Producer/Head of Production: Kate Berry 
Sr. Executive Producer: Luke Colson 
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall

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